Marketing And Sales Funnel

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Smoothing and personalizing the customer journey will convert more leads into sales, if you're persistent. These stages play into consumer psychology and drive your prospect awareness of your brand to evaluation of their options — and finally to conversion. Offering other forms of media (e.g., video, infographics, interactive quizzes) is another way to make your brand appear more professional and authoritative.

They allow your reps to structure their activities to provide value to prospects as they move from simply having a business pain that they don't know how to solve, to educating themselves about solutions provided by your company and your competitors, to actively evaluating and purchasing a solution.

3. Webinars -This focuses on the decision stages, to convince prospects to take action and buy. The service literally records how people navigate around your website and provides video that you can watch later. Knowing when and how to open communication is critical to identifying leads, converting them to prospects, and taking them all the way through to the final stage of their buying cycle.

When you visualize your sales stages by looking at how many opportunities progress from one stage to the next, they should form a funnel shape. His is where your sales funnel stages come in. Essentially, the sales funnel does exactly what its name implies: it moves your customer through their purchase decision, starting with awareness and (if all goes well) ending in a purchase.

During this stage, it's particularly important for sales representatives to figure out potential objections or roadblocks and mitigate them ahead of time. Avoid confusing prospects and wasting their time by trying to sell solutions that may not interest them. At this stage of user research, you should present content that answers customer questions and offers innovative solutions.
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